Tuesday, October 4, 2016

love is in the air (and maybe other stuff too)

We officially moved back to the remodel on Saturday, and it's awesome, but also supremely chaotic.  It's been a two steps forward, one step backwards kind of thing.

For instance, Robert got the washing machine up and going so I started a load.  That's when we discovered that the dryer wasn't working.  Thank goodness Robert's mom lives across the street (I may take this back at a later time).  Sadly, one of Rachel's socks is missing so I'm hoping she doesn't notice...  And that it's not in the street somewhere.  

The dogs did a little puking on the fancy floors (which was surprisingly easy to clean up), but now they are happy and nestled in.

On another note, I had some very interesting patron interactions in the past few days.  I almost feel like some kind of divine powers have been trying to keep me distracted from all the chaos at home.

A few days ago I assisted a middle-aged patron with his dating profile.  The poor fellow had a lot of interested women and didn't really know how to respond or anything.  He was very dapper and polite and dare I say, handsome?  So hopefully I didn't help a serial killer.

I also helped a lady print a few pictures, which is nothing new.  She insisted repeatedly that the images must be 5x7, which is also nothing new. However, every time she watched me check the 5x7 box, she pulled out a tape measure from her purse and held it up the screen.  The first time she did this I tried to assure that she was going to get what she wanted without measuring, but it gave her such satisfaction to hold up the measuring tape to the monitor that I thought, "why not, if it makes her happy?" So I kept my laughter and impatience in check, and gave stern looks to those nearby who couldn't do the same.

Later I was asked by an eighty-something year-old patron if I knew of any good audiobooks he could listen to with his girlfriend. Before I had a chance to throw out any ideas he suggested Team of Rivals.  My first reaction was, "whaaa no way. That's not romantic."  And then I thought, "wait isn't that over thirty discs long?"  Apparently we were on the same page (ha a pun!), because he winked at me and said, "that oughta keep her around for awhile, don't you think?"

But the best interaction happened yesterday when a patron shyly approached the desk and asked if anyone had turned in a cell phone.  "Well it's your lucky day," I said when I found it in the lost and found.  She nodded and took the phone from me, put in the code to unlock the phone, tapped on her pictures, scrolled through, found one, looked visibly relieved to see it, and said, "thank God.  This is my cat, so this has to be my phone."

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  1. Squishy !!!! What great stories !! Your empathy for others is darn near as warm and fuzzy as Smith.