Monday, October 10, 2016

one step closer to nesting

I have gotten sooooo much done over the past few days!  I cleaned and groomed the dogs with Robert's help, cleaned and organized the top kitchen cabinets (we're still waiting on countertops so the bottom ones will wait), washed (and sometimes dried) about a million loads of laundry (which was no piece of cake because it all had to be done at Audrey's house), finished making the bed (also no feat because it's a king-sized mattress on the floor of a bedroom that barely accommodates it) and just now, meticulously cleaned Rachel's bed set (all the pieces I could find anyway).

Rachel's bedroom set is from my childhood and has a million stories.  It's a very tall cherry bed with two sets of steps and two nightstands.  The steps open up for storage.  I adored it as a child and am thrilled she is getting to use it.  It needs to be refinished badly and one nightstand is missing a knob.  My current plan is to take Rachel shopping for knobs, carefully pack away the old ones and when it gets refinished in a few years (or less hopefully) I will have a new knob made to match the old ones.  Rachel also needs linens, which I was thrilled about until she mentioned she wants to get white ones and draw her own designs.  Creative, yes, but I'm missing a great opportunity to go linen shopping.  Sigh.  

Cleaning the upper cabinets with our central vacuum, which has been nothing but awesome and fun to use so far.

And this is our master bath vanity:

And here's the bench seat in my office. I cannot wait to pick out the fabric for the cushion that's going on top!  

Robert also put in the under cabinet lights in our kitchen, which I'm worried if I don't say something about how great they look, I may be locked out and never have a chance to enjoy them.  Great job, Robert!  He's mighty proud of his electrical work, and should be, because it goes on my no way nuh uh not in a million years list of things I plan on never attempting in my life.  

It's been so productive around here I'm actually looking forward to library work for a few days just so I can get a break.  In the next week we should have more built-ins, a working dryer, another completed bathroom and a shower that can be used.  Probably the most exciting thing is that our current lukewarm water is only going to get hotter as each bathroom is completed.  So in maybe a month there will be the possibility of hot bubble baths.  

It's good to be home.

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