Wednesday, October 19, 2016

lotsa science with just a pinch of poetry

We may only have a bathroom wannabe (aka a toilet and a cold shower), but the most important thing that could have happened to any bathroom happened to ours.  

It got this:

Yes, this has everything to do with Big Bang Theory.  Robert and I have wanted a periodic table ever since we saw one on that show.  Unfortunately our first bathroom had terrible colors that would have insulted the integrity of this shower curtain.  So we have had to wait patiently for years. So worth it!

We also have countertops in the kitchen:

The black splash should be in next Monday.  And let's see, doors and base shoe are going in.  Our dryer has been fixed.  We officially have all the pieces of our refrigerator and two tvs are mounted. 

We made some time to go to the Nimrod Conference for Readers and Writers in Tulsa, which was exciting and educational.  And we also saw Alton Brown, which made Rachel very starstruck and Robert a little giggly.  I think that the thing we're most excited about is cooking together in the kitchen once it's done.  Apparently Rachel has some game in the kitchen, so I say let's get this house done so we can see it.   

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