Monday, June 24, 2013

three giant leaps

The other day I was out riding my bike.  I saw a big ol' lug of a dog galavanting around.  So I jumped off my bike, and having done this before, prepared myself for indifference, or worse, a distressed animal who would flee.  I started to holler, "look at the wittle baby," and I kid you not, this giant beast of a dog (a rot mix) took three giant leaps across the road (no traffic) and landed on me before I even finished my sentence.  There wasn't a moment to brace myself.  In less than five seconds I was on the ground, covered in drool.  Folks, I have two golden retrievers.  I can handle friendliness.  This dog was like five golden retrievers in both size and personality.  I called his mommy, who happened to be out looking for him, and reluctantly said goodbye.  For a good five blocks afterwards the drool rained from my arms and hands like some kind of fowl rain.

It was a glorious morning.  

I leave you with some Macklemore.

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