Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family Time

My brother, Scott, flew in from Oro Valley, AZ Friday.  We promptly took him out for some bbq (Fiorella's Jack Stack) and gelato (Paciugo) and then we went shoe shopping.  YES I AM SO NOT KIDDING!  We also visited the library where I work and took a very long walk with Rose and Ella.  It was an awesome day.

Saturday we visited with dad and had a total blast with him.

Scott stayed at the lake and Robert and I rushed back to the city to visit with Madeline and Sandy.  Oddly enough, Madeline (who lives at the lake), drove up here to visit Sandy (who lives in the city) and I drove to the lake to visit dad.  But we still managed to see each other and have a lovely breakfast.

What a weekend!! 

OH! I also saw the doctor on Thursday and have his approval to start doing yoga again.  I am going to keep wearing the brace for biking, yoga, sleeping and any other activity that uses a lot of repetitive hand movements.  But the brace is off for the rest of the rest of the time.  If all goes well I will be trying out tennis in a couple weeks.  

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  1. Sounds like a fun time. So happy that you were able to spend the weekend with Scott. Love you