Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Mitsy has been restored!  She now resides in a new frame, complete with protective glass.  She also received a few touch-ups here and there and has been cleaned and vacuumed.

Here is a close-up

So you're probably wondering, who is this delightful bird lady?  Well folks, meet Mitsy! She was painted by a friend of my grandmother's for my grandparent's bar, The Birdcage.  Mitsy was the centerpiece at The Birdcage.  It wasn't long before people started talking about the resemblance between Mitsy and my grandmother, Jane.

After The Birdcage closed, Mitsy moved to my grandparent's house where she remained the centerpiece for many years.  When my mom and grandma hit the road and started traveling it was decided that Mitsy needed a new home.  

She has found a home.  

But the question remains - is this lovely bird lady really my grandma? 

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  1. Oh yeah. Put grandma in a bikini and have hold a wine glass....