Saturday, June 22, 2013

small bit of green

My Wittle Baby is taking over the kitchen!!

I received this bamboo plant from my lover man a year or so ago.  It was my small bit of green in my cubicle at Gift of Life, and when I left, it came home with me.  It is quite apparent that there is plenty joy and love in this house.  I firmly believe plants are a great judge of positive energy.  I learned this from Robin, my mother's cousin.  She has the most beautiful soul.  The last time I saw her, the trees reached for her, hoping to snatch up some of that beauty.

We must have a butt load of positive energy in this house because all of our plants are very content.  It could be all the giggling that goes on around here, or the two furry love buckets that spread the love around with their excited tails.

Whatever it is, I hope it stays.