Saturday, June 15, 2013


I have carpal tunnel.  I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it.  It is only a tiny hiccup in my life.  It is easy for me to redirect the energy I spent on tennis into something else.  I am blessed with unlimited passions and excitement.  I do hope that I heal and I can play tennis soon, but I'm not throwing a lot of concentration into that hope. 

I have another appointment for the carpal tunnel next week, however, and I am getting quite anxious.  I am ready for great news.  

I am happy, sometimes overwhelmingly so.  And I need to keep sharing this happiness.  It isn’t entirely mine.  As much as I would like to claim my happiness and hoard it for melancholy days, I know that it needs to be shared.  If happiness is not shared it doesn’t go anywhere, and stagnant joy carries little weight.  

I will leave you with a little Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu.


  1. OMG he is totally awesome.

    I need to concentrate my energies putting together my library but on my breaks I will sneak into my room and catch up on this blog.

  2. Lord, this is beautiful. ~Robin