Sunday, June 11, 2017

toilets soon!

The remodel is still happening.  Slowly but surely.

Tile is mostly done everywhere.  Other important bathroom things should be happening to our two downstairs bathrooms soon.  Like toilets.

Drying racks were installed in my office.  Now I just need to remind myself not to clunk my head on them when I do yoga.  Although it looks like our common area upstairs is going to be our workout area, which will be nice to have that separated from my work space.  Robert found a squishy interlocking mat for the workout area and covered the whole room in it.  The room officially has a rowing machine (not exciting enough for pictures), and more will be added later.  Like maybe my yoga stuff once I clunk my head on the awesome drying racks. 

Picture rails were also added to my workspace.  My current plan is to cover the entire house in these so I can rotate out our ever-growing art collection, and maybe display some of my stuff too.  

We finally have a bannister, which hopefully means no more falling down the stairs when we fumble our way up and down the stairs to potty in the middle of the night.  And hopefully soon we will have at least one toilet on the first floor.

If someone told me I would spend almost a year without a bathroom on the first floor my spoiled ears wouldn't have believed them.

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