Saturday, June 17, 2017

rescuing kittens from the Feds

Robert received an Apple watch for his birthday courtesy of his grandma.  We've been drooling over them since the first one came out but couldn't justify the expense of two.  We really loved our Jawbones, but they eventually wore out.  Fitness is the biggest reason we've been so excited about Apple watches.  They encourage healthiness and monitor your heart rate.

After Robert got a watch for his birthday we decided to do something crazy and buy one for me so that we can compete encourage each other. After watching him have so much fun with his for a few days I was ecstatic when mine arrived. Naturally the first day I wore mine was after 10+ days of major exercise - mostly tennis, bicycling and walking.  But also physical therapy for some bursitis and nerve issues in my right hip area. I needed a rest day, which I usually give myself every couple weeks.  Well there is no rest day with an Apple watch.  Or with PT for that matter.  So I did my PT and a long walk with Robert and was very pleased with the watch and ready to try it out at tennis.  

The very next day I crashed my bike.  Or rather, my bike threw me off and crashed me.  It was a very complicated scenario, and I honestly have no regrets.  Sometimes you've just got to be thankful that it was pavement instead of a car.  I came out of it fine, but tore up my left knee and got some road burn on my left arm.  I also hurt like heck everywhere, which shouldn't surprise me because I'm not 7 anymore.  

So sadly I haven't been able to close my rings on the Apple watch. Each day you've got three rings to close:

1. standing for five minutes per hour for 12 hours (this one is a piece of cake, apparently even when you're injured)
2. getting your heart rate up to a healthy high for 30 min
3. overall movement (this one is tough as heck. Steps don't seem to matter much, as I've gotten over 10,000 steps a day and met only 50% of my movement goal)

It couldn't have been a worse time to receive an Apple watch (yes, you can tell what a great life I have by my complaints), and quite frankly I've been a little glum. It certainly doesn't help that Robert has turned into Richard Simmons and is closing his rings like it's the easiest thing in the world (way to go Robert).  But it's smart to wait for the goose egg on my knee to disappear and pretty much everything to scab over.  I wanted a rest day, right? How about four of them?  

Thankfully everyone at work has been really sweet and not asking a lot of questions about my mummy appearance.  Today a few patrons asked me what happened and I thought long and hard about coming up with a grand story involving an alien invasion thwarted by a gal and her bike, but I simply said I had a bike wipeout and smiled through the demeaning "well God bless your soul" that was thrown around a couple times.  The best interaction happened at the end of the day when an elderly lady came in and made a beeline to where I was standing.  

"Can I help you?" I asked.  
"Whatever happened to you?" 
And before I could answer: 
"Did you fall down?"  
I hesitated. This was it, my last chance to do this right.  
"Well you know the FBI, right?" 
She stared at me blankly.  
"Well I was trying to rescue a kitten while being chased by the..."  
"And you fell down," she pantomimed falling down as she interrupted my tall tale.  

Any hope of ever becoming a storyteller was dashed in that moment.  I stumbled away trailing gauze and a plume of whatever hope looks like when it pops.

Thankfully I still had my humor intact because I went to the break room, made myself a cup of the hard stuff (green tea) and laughed about all these problems I'm so lucky to have.    

Tomorrow I will close all my rings.  Robert's going to wish he never messed with someone who rescues kittens while being chased by the FBI.

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