Sunday, June 4, 2017


While happily working at the library the other day I saw a lady walk in with an umbrella in one hand, which made sense because it was pouring outside.

But then I did a double take and nearly fumbled an interaction with the patron I was helping.

In the lady's other hand was a coconut she was clutching tightly to her bosom.  Yep, a real-as-can-be coconut, complete with straw.  Once she sat down at a computer I walked by just to be sure.

So if you're looking to create that island feel on a rainy day at the library, you just can't go wrong with a coconut.  And, as you close your umbrella, you can pretend that the water that flies from it is really just the gentle mist from the ocean surf.

On another note, I created a new Staff Picks bookmark, which is incredibly exciting. Surprisingly, people are noticing our wacky bookmarks and letting us know what they think of them.  One of my favorite patrons collects my bookmarks, and because she disliked my Ms. Frizzle bookmark so much, she started replacing them with older bookmarks she had at home. Every time she saw me at the library she let me know that she didn't like the new bookmark.

I can't make this stuff up.  

Here is the short evolution of Hannah Jane bookmarks:

Old bookmark (only one person liked this one)

This next bookmark is wonderful for anyone who wants to explain The Magic School Bus to confused, elderly patrons at least once a day. Naturally, the book I always tried to explain was the one where Ms. Frizzle takes the kids to explore the human body. It was a lot of "That bus goes where?" or "I drove a bus once (for the circus) (in the jungle) (while running for Mayor)."  Seriously.  

And (are you ready for this?) here's the new one!

I am ready for anyone who walks up to me wearing a confused expression while waving this new bookmark.  They will want to talk about their dogs (hopefully), the fact that I look nothing like Fancy Nancy (whatever) and that their favorite place to read books is at the circus/in the jungle/while running for Mayor/any place that has a refreshing hairy coconut to sip while they read.  

Personally, I think the bookmark is sublime.


  1. Speaking of sublime, you might enjoy

    It's heady stuff, and perhaps this isn't his best (he's written over 40) but like opera, is good to be aware of. Beautiful banner!

    1. I am going to look this book up. Thanks!