Friday, June 23, 2017


At the library today a patron asked if she could extend her checkout dates for a stack of audiobooks.  I gave her what we call a vacation checkout, which basically means you get to pick your checkout date as long as no one is waiting for the items.  While I was checking her out she told me how much she enjoys listening to audiobooks while driving to see her children, who are scattered throughout the country.  She mentioned that the child she was visiting this time around lived in Colorado and that, "there's nothing like listening to Fleetwood Mac while driving through western Kansas, but for the rest of the trip audiobooks are a must." 

I smiled at this, thinking about all of the intriguing, soothing, and familiar rituals every person has, and what a wonderful book this could be.  Rituals of Ordinary Folk is what I would title it, and I would begin with the ritual of listening to Fleetwood Mac while driving through western Kansas. Now, who wants to write it?

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