Friday, November 25, 2016

relaxing with the fam

Yesterday Robert, Rose, Ella and I snuck away to visit with family while Rachel had Thanksgiving with her mom and stepdad.  

We spent much of the day with my dad and his partner, Lisa, chatting and laughing.  

It was a really relaxing and much-needed visit.

Rose and dad were constant pals and though I was happy to exchange her for a couple cats (dad and Lisa have 5), we never struck a deal.

Today is all about coffee and yoga and music because this is what it's going to look like at work tomorrow:


  1. Wow! That's a great installation!

    I could see a series of those at one of the Dia Art Foundation's venues. There'd be big, colored charts next to each pile that'd graphically depict the number of books in each category/topic. People could feel so validated...or alienated. It'd be cool!!!

    Are you sure you haven't been noticing an urge for a Master's in Library Statistics & Research Methodologies? I mean, now that the house is done, you really *should* be thinking about "What's next?" ; - )

    1. I take a picture of the book drop every time I'm there after a holiday. I love the library even more after a holiday because we are so busy, which means we were missed. I should put all these pics together. And I love the idea of putting them in piles based on genre. This last time we had several donated Life magazines from the 60s mixed in with the pile, which I separated out. I've thought about a MLS but I've never liked school - took 6 yrs to get my undergrad : O