Tuesday, November 22, 2016

master bedroom aka the library

The master bedroom is completely done.  The bed has been installed (not by me) and thoroughly cleaned (definitely me).  Our mattress was lifted from the floor of the guest bedroom and  painfully dragged joyfully carried to the master bedroom (mostly Robert) and plunked ceremoniously onto its built-in frame, which was a perfect fit. 

(I took these pictures with only the reading lights on for a cozy effect.  Also, we will be getting blinds for the windows, but currently the entire house is without blinds, which is definitely on our to-do list.)

I now have the luxury of a reading light that can be dimmed and set for 30 or 60 minutes.  And if I am reading a particularly good book the button to add another 30 or 60 minutes is mere inches from my face in an open shelf.  On the open shelf I also have a place for several more books, my many journals (thus the scissors in the picture) and a place to charge my phone, which is incredibly tempting right now because I am listening to Peter Pan.  

(Here is the shelf, which is open to the bed so that everything is reachable.  There are doors on the front of the shelf so that the clutter behind them isn't too easy to see.)  

Robert has pretty much figured out a way to keep my bibliophile self from ever getting any proper sleep again. And for this I am eternally grateful.  

Or at least grateful until the next built-in is delivered and ready to be cleaned...   

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