Monday, November 28, 2016

it's a tile saw kind of quiet

Over the holiday weekend Robert's cousin (and Rachel's brother), Sam, visited us.  We played games,  took a walk, talked a lot about Batman, visited the local arcade and did a pizza/movie night.  It was a lot of fun.  Now it is strangely quiet.

Even while the tile guy was downstairs slicing and dicing tile for the guest bathroom I couldn't help but think it was awfully quiet.

By the way, here is the start of tiling in the downstairs guest bathroom!  

So much craziness and family and fun.  Now, only vacuuming and picking up the games, mad libs and comic books that are lying everywhere.  

When we weren't running around madly Robert and Sam were involved in a very heated Monopoly marathon.  I'm not sure a winner was ever declared. 

Rachel made a pie to take to her family's Thanksgiving.  I love her smile in this picture.  

I love this next picture for two reasons.  First, this was when Sam and I had a very long and animated discussion about Batman (pretty much I just listened in rapt awe to his wealth of Batman knowledge). 

Robert, who was clearly left out of this conversation, was a good sport and let us have our superhero talk. The second reason I love this picture is because Sam, who is 10, is already bigger than I am!  His mom's fairly tall, but I remember his dad as a giant, so Sam is probably going to be a giant as well.   

And for comparison, this is the first picture of Sam and I ever:

See how much he's grown?!? For an extra bonus, here is Robert, Sam and Sam's dad, Rodney:

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