Friday, January 15, 2016

I’m going to sit on the floor and wait for the dogs.

My goals for 2016 have a lot to do with my goals from last year

Family.  Spend time with Robert.  Leave doors open.  Call people.  Cuddle the furry beasts.  Any time I’ve had a few extra minutes and am not opposed to getting hairy, I just flop on the floor wherever I happen to be and wait for the sound of two goldens (and sometimes Robert), to figure out that I’m on the floor somewhere in the house.  I plan on continuing this.  I’ve checked with Rose and Ella (and Robert) and this is at the top of their New Year Resolution list as well.  Wouldn’t that be terrible if I were to sit on the floor awaiting the sound of two dogs (and Robert) to come rampaging through the house only to hear a very disconcerted grunt that means Sorry Lady. Cuddling was not one of our New Year Resolutions.  Go cuddle yourself if you need love. 

Writing.  I plan on continuing to write every day in some way whether it’s an idea, poem or blog. 

Xylophone.  I still want to learn to play the xylophone.  My dad even managed to find one.  It needs a little love, and I need a lot of patience and lessons, but I am super hopeful that I’m going to not only going to learn how to play, but also learn to play Hans Zimmer’s You’re So Cool.  I actually managed to contact a person who gives xylophone lessons last year and even made an appointment, but then Robert pulled me aside and said something along the lines of, are you nuts?!?  We’re remodeling and with tennis, writing and the library you’re already never here.  And now this?!?  The nerd was right.  Sigh.  But this year, no matter what obstacles try to get in my way I am getting some mallets in my hands one way or another.

Silliness.  What do you think?  Have I been silly enough?  I certainly think so, but there’s always room for improvement. 

Positive attitude!  Last year I wanted to give more hugs and less frowns.  This year I certainly want to keep the frowning in check.  Especially after someone told me about the whole resting bitch face phenomenon.  While no one has positively confirmed that I have one, whenever I feel like there’s something negative going on behind my face, like in my mind, I quickly think of poodles in tutus or Victor Borge’s phonetic punctuation and that fixes it.  There’s a good chance that I’ve accidentally slipped into scary clown face for a second, but hopefully everyone is too busy looking at whatever amazing scarf I’m wearing that day and won't notice any kind of face mayhem going on.

More Positivity, MORE MORE MORE.  I have a tendency to be a little insecure.  This year I’m going to make a grand effort to knock it off and try thinking the best or, if I cannot scrounge up any positivity, think nothing at all.  I am going to create a blank space and invite only positive stuff to write on that blank space. 

Embroidery.  I am just now starting to tackle some fairly outlandish embroidery ideas.  This year I just want to keep going, make art when it makes me happy.

Tennis/bicycling.  Yes.  Yaaassss.  

Balance.  I will always struggle to find a happy balance between the fried chicken part of my brain and the tennis part of my brain.  I feel like I spend some days indulging (rap music, fried food, driving/cussing/ eating cupcakes for the hell of it) and other days dizzy with productivity (tennis, sewing, cuddling).  I’m becoming ok with this.

Reaching/Encouraging/Growing.  I will continue reaching out.  I will continue helping writers in every way I can.  I will continue growing, unless I’m having too much fun acting like a 12 year old boy.  And I will continue to dance.  I’ve been doing the stanky leg every chance I get.  I’m surprised my legs haven’t gotten fed up with this and just walked it out.  HAHA.

Learning from others.  I will always look up to my brother Scott.  I’ve spent 30 years looking up to him.  This year I am going to pay extra attention looking for strengths in others like Scott and not only celebrating those strengths, but also borrowing them.

Listen.  I will also continue to listen, not only to others, but to myself, unless I’m being a total asshole and then I’m going to sit on the floor and wait for the dogs.

Yoga.  This year I really want to get back into yoga.  I have felt disconnected from my body lately, sometimes feeling a bit stiff or on the flip side, moving so fast that my spirit lags behind going whaa? 

Dream Home.  I also want to get our house finished, and really try to win Robert over on the things I’m rooting for, and maybe compromise, but in the end, have a place to call home and share with family and friends.

Extras.  I’m also hoping to make time for travel, lots of reading, and finding out how to make the perfect roasted Brussel sprouts with siracha mayo drizzle, but we’ll see what happens.   

What are your goals this year?

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