Saturday, January 23, 2016

Furniture TMI! You're welcome.

Robert is home!!  

So, love ya Robert but back to remodeling : ).

I've been asked about floorplans.  Duh!  How could I forget floorplans?

This is the floorplan of the first floor:


Fun Facts:

* We are adding a front porch.  
* The garage is being pushed out to match the other side of the house. Architecturally this also makes the house look less like a giant kleenex box as Robert has affectionally dubbed it's current exterior state.  
* When the garage gets pushed out it makes room for a guest bathroom on the first floor.
* We are doing a custom built-in-bed which will have shelves that can be accessed from two different directions.
* We are going with a giant deck instead of a deck/patio combo.
* The stairs have been moved from the middle of the dining room/living room area to the wall. 
* The stairs will be one giant bookshelf.  Once our actual shelves are drawn up I will post them, but until then this is the image I utterly adore and have carried with me for some time.  While I know that we may not do exactly this, it's this image that planted the seed.   

 This is the floorplan for the upstairs:

Fun Facts:

* There used to be a two-story deck.  No more!
* My craft room will have a drop-down floor.  
* We have way too many bathrooms.  We just picked out toilets for all these bathrooms.  Trust me.  Too many.  
* We haven't decided if my beloved couch and loveseat from early college days will live in the living room upstairs, but I couldn't bear to sell them at the estate sale so they're currently competing with Robert's exercise equipment.  Note to self: next time you form an attachment to something you bought during a memorable experience with your mom, make sure you pick something small.
* Furniture TMI! You're welcome.
* My craft room will have a built-in desk just like the one constructed at our last house.  There will be room for yoga.  For major collage projects.  For hoarding paper.
* Robert will have all kinds of room to make as many messes as he wants in his office.  

This is a view of the front of our house.  It will NOT be beige.  

And this side view of the house is inaccurate and really not necessary.  We've moved windows around since this drawing.  But I couldn't resist posting it because of the picture the architects chose to depict me.  Hint - look in the backyard.  

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