Monday, January 25, 2016

All in like 24 hours I think

More remodeling happiness!  Please note that these pictures were taken before Robert's surgery, literally hours before Robert's surgery.  It pretty much went like this:

No wall!  No stairs!  New stairs!  Tearing up driveway!  Picking out toilets!  Robert's Surgery. All in like 24 hours I think.  

There used to be a wall here.  No more!  What you are looking at is the future dining room/kitchen. This is where we will be playing lots of skip-bo and eating with friends and family.  

Stairs going in.

Poof!  Magic.

Concrete cake.  Missing the snow icing, but that was later.

Nerd playing in the dirt.

Picking out knobs/handles/gizmos is still a ways away, but lookee here.  

And here.

And today the windows were dropped off.

1 comment:

  1. You don't "drop Off" windows or you will have sprinkles for the concrete cake....

    I am so funny.

    Looking good.