Saturday, October 10, 2015

Music in the Stacks

I'm going to start something new here, perhaps out of spontaneity or fierce love or because I am so changed after these experiences it's like I'm wearing new skin.

I listen to a lot of music.  Hours of it every day.  My ears and brains cells are rotting and my soul is flourishing.  Most of the music I listen to happens while I am at work (at the library!), and most of the music I listen to happens before the library opens and I am pulling books to send to people who requested them.  I always have my music on shuffle, and I get a wide variety, everything from classical to latin to rap to spoken word such as poetry.

Occasionally a song nearly knocks me over and I find myself laughing, whooping or crying.  If I am not already in the stacks I make a beeline for them and the privacy and stillness embraces whatever wild emotion I am feeling and shelters me while my soul grows another molecule.  I am made out of water and blood yes.  But most of me is music.  And the energy created from music will live in the stacks forever.  

I want to share these songs with you, and maybe the energy that they create inside of you will live on forever in some pocket of the world.  

'Boys in the Street' came on while I was pulling books for send item, and I happened to be in the 300s, which is an entirely appropriate and beautiful place for the subject of this song.

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  1. I wish we were still sharing music! We are in a fun way.

    You know I am going to burn up the Internet trying to find this song. It is so poignant and beautiful - truly spectacular!