Monday, October 26, 2015


I had a lot of aggravating patron interactions this past week, but I won't share those.  I'm sure people were distracted and a little on edge about the Royals.

I did, however, have one glorious interaction.  A boy, maybe ten years old, asked me if the library had any more Raina Telgemeier books.  I mentioned the obvious three - Smile, Sisters and Drama - and he said he already read all of those.  

Which left me with THE BABYSITTERS CLUB!  

Have you ever heard of The Babysitters Club? I asked.

No.  What's that?

It's about a group of girls who form a club and dole out babysitting tasks.  I read them when I was your age and now Raina Telgemeier is recreating them.

He raised his eyebrows and then he very decorously gave me his library card.  "I'll try one of those."  

I totally didn't tell him that I was planning on reading the Raina Telgemeier BSC books, and that a part of me was like, let's read them together and start a club!

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