Thursday, October 8, 2015

KC Voices

I'm in Volume 13 of KC Voices!  It's such a pretty journal with glossy pages and exceptional artwork and writings.  My cinquain that's published in here is very special to me for a couple reasons.  First, during Wyatt Townley's visit to the poetry workshop I facilitate at the library she taught us all about cinquains and I immediately fell in love with the form.  

I use my lunch hour at work to write, and during one particularly frustrating lunch hour I threw in the towel and decided to grab a bite to eat.  While playing with my food I wrote a cinquain and submitted it to KC Voices.

This cinquain is special because it's connected to workshopping with Wyatt Townley.  And it's special because it shows that you never know when inspiration is going to strike.  

Thank you KC Voices and Wyatt Townley!

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