Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Workshop Happiness

One of the writers who attends both of my workshops just gave me a thank-you note and the chapbook of a local poet : ): 

And another writer who attends both of my workshops sent this to the Executive Director of the Foundation:

 "I want you to know that The... Branch has a hidden treasure behind the desk and in the stacks!   Hannah Jane Chambers chairs both The Memoir Writers and The Poetry Group once a month and is a creative, enthusiastic and very knowable facilitator.   She loves the library and her work there but I am sure she spends hours of her own time planning and preparing for her 2 workshops.  I never miss either gathering and the little meeting room is usually filled with all ages and of all levels of talent but all eager to learn more from Hannah Jane.  I can always feel the excitement in the room as the early arrivals compare notes and ideas on promps sent home the month before and speculate on  what Hannah Jane will surprise and encourage us with this evening. 
     Last evening’s Poetry Group was especially rewarding;  a well planned study of haikus and time to  write and share our efforts.  Hannah Jane, “off the clock” will be creating our efforts into a wall of flower poetry to celebrate Poetry Month.  I couldn’t sleep for hours as haikus celebrating spring danced in my head.  She was so well prepared and excited herself that the energy in the room was contagious.  She even brought at least 50 colored pens and special papers to encourage creativity.  As I said, Hannah Jane is a treasure.
     Hannah Jane is a wonderful poet and dedicated worker and I’m sure she can look forward to a satisfying future.  I’m 85  just hope no larger library or organization lures her away until I can no longer navigate to The... Library.  Come visit sometime and see for yourself what Hannah Jane can do!"

And the response from the Executive Director:

"This is wonderful and I am so happy to hear that your experience with the Poetry Group has been so positive.  Hannah Jane Chambers is indeed a treasure and we are fortunate to have her on staff!
As the Executive Director of the Foundation, I am especially pleased to hear this because we actively support writers activities and programs at the Library and we love to hear the great work going on...  Your words are life giving and I will happily share with our leadership this great feedback about Hannah!"


  1. I can't tell you how much this made mom happy and proud. She is your number one lurker. I am also happy to know you are appreciated not only for your hard work but your creativity, your positive energy, enthusiasm - this is a reflection of yourself and I am tickled pink. Major kudos. Awesome. Save these letters, they are a treasure.

    I know what a chapbook is and I am curious to know what the poems central theme was.

    I won't say Keep Up The Good Work because I know you will. Sound proud of you and all of your accomplishments.