Sunday, April 5, 2015

far more glorious

Robert and I let the dogs have the backyard years ago when they were rowdy puppies and gleefully stomped through flowers, dug holes and romped so vigorously the lawn would occasionally disappear in spots.  We are vaguely aware that a dogwood tree lives back there, in addition to daffodils, crocuses and an all-encompassing rose of sharon, but we stopped caring long ago for any pretty thing that grew back there because the backyard is not our turf.  

Rose and Ella generally hang out in the backyard for a cumulation of maybe 15 minutes each day and during that time we don't want to babysit them.  So if they annihilate any pretty thing in their quest to CHASE THE SQUIRREL so be it.  

Our blasé attitudes were recently tested when we discovered that some kind of mutant daffodil forces had conspired against the dogs to grow the entire length of the giant porch.  But we decided to leave the daffodils to the forces of Rose and Ella.  

When I went outside to take a picture of the daffodils before their imminent trampling I was totally unprepared for something far more glorious to overtake the picture.  

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