Saturday, April 25, 2015

Robert and I will giggle ourselves stupid

Did I mention we are moving?  A few months ago we discovered that Audrey (Robert’s mom) needed extensive work on her house, which is right across the street from ours.  Because of the opportunity to start from scratch and how much more space her house has (currently 6 bedrooms, 4 baths), it was decided that Robert and I are going to switch houses with Audrey. 

Then, an interesting catch happened about a week ago – a friend needed a place to stay – and rather than making the friend move twice and share a bathroom with us, Robert and I decided to move in early (like about a month early).  The plan is to live upstairs for roughly a year while the downstairs is completely renovated.  Because we decided to move early poor Audrey is still downstairs, waiting patiently while the bathroom at the old house is renovated in addition to a few other things.  Really, it’s poor us, not to toot my whiny horn or anything obnoxious like that. 

It’s a little strange.  The upstairs where we are living has three bedrooms (one for friend, one for us, one for office/craft room), a tiny living area and two bathrooms.  We are frantically packing things to store away for a year, dragging needed stuff over and trying to make the place more livable – tiny kitchenette thrown in (a microwave and fridge namely), a few doors on the bedrooms, shelves for storage etc.  Little hiccups keep happening – so far plumbing issues, lack of hot water in our bathroom, an entire rod of clothes collapsing and literally shearing the screws that held it in place, finding out that there’s not enough room for a full-sized washing machine and dryer, Robert needing to fly all the way across the country to fix computer issues for a client whose system was damaged in a storm etc. etc.   

And here is a lovely list of things that we have to go across the street for: my bike, laundry, refrigerated food, books – do I need to keep going?  Just today I sat down to take a breather and work on my embroidery and after some mild cursing and grumbling I ambled across the street and carried my rocking chair over. 

Needless to say, it has been quite the adventure thus far.  Thankfully our friend has been patient with us and our dogs haven’t packed up their toys and left.  Side note: it is cute watching them bring a toy over each time they make the journey across the street. 

Today we toured a home that is completely decked out in home automation.  We haven’t gotten Robert’s mom out of the house or drawn up plans for where we want rooms to be and here we are looking into how to make special messages for unwanted Jehovah’s Witnesses like we’re the Jetsons in training.   

All of this is too funny to really be frustrating.  Robert and I have had so many grand and oftentimes batshit crazy adventures together.  Before we go to sleep tonight, Robert and I will giggle ourselves stupid over any new calamity that has developed in this adventure just like we did the night following Robert’s heroic act of hopping on the handlebars of a bike ridden by a random Guatemalan and rushing to save my mom and me from drowning in a kayak that was slowly sinking in a sewer disguised as a lake in Guatemala years ago. 

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  1. Congrats on your move. Sounds like you and Robert are Making the best out of a frustrating situation.