Tuesday, August 7, 2018

long, perfect weekend

Last weekend was crazy and incredibly fun.  I played tennis early Saturday morning, had a sewing machine lesson immediately afterwards and then...my first official crafting party at our house.  Seven people came and there was enough space for everyone, Robert and Rachel chopped up a thousand fruits and veggies and made all the food, and everyone had a swell time.

We went back to school shopping Saturday night and managed to get nearly everything on Rachel's list plus a dress with parrots on it for me (because you know a gal can never have too many birdy dresses).

Sunday morning I played some more tennis and then we took off for the Ozarks to visit with my dad.  It was an AWESOME visit with lots of joking, thrift shopping, and chatting.  On Monday, dad and Lisa had a doctor appointment, so while they were at their appointment Robert, Rachel, and I went to Ha Ha Tonka, which is one of the places I've been wanting to take Rachel to.  We watched a family of beavers frolic in the spring, climbed all of those steps, visited the now fenced off castle, and soaked up enough serenity and sunshine to get us through this week.

It was such a wonderful weekend!

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