Monday, April 10, 2017

the trees know the story behind the teeth

We've been soaking up all this beautiful spring weather here in Kansas.  Yesterday Robert, Rachel and I hiked a north shore trail at Clinton lake and it was truly peaceful and restorative.  And thanks to the whispering trees, it was delightfully spooky too.

The trees were all happily creaking in the wind, and the mild April air was free of humidity.  For a section of the hike we walked along the rocky shoreline that at times disappeared with the waves. Each time we reached a section of washed-away trail we tried to time the waves and leap around them.  This led to wet feet and lots of shrieking.  

These are my favorite pictures from the day:

The Ohio Buckeyes were fanning their skirts. 

Thanks to the rowdy wind the waves were gloriously loud. 

I found a tree that wasn't completely shrouded in thorns and tucked myself in to listen to the waves.

I'm not sure whose jaw this is or even what kind of animal it came from, but I thoroughly enjoyed examining it before reluctantly leaving it for another's curiosity.

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