Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter bunny business

Saturday afternoon at work I heard a coworker shout, "going to do some Easter bunny business!" as she rushed out to shop on her lunch break.

Easter bunny business? OMG Easter!  

It's terrible, but I totally forgot the next day was Easter.  After some quiet cussing I hurriedly put together an Easter basket for Rachel on my lunch break.

Turns out, as I was scrambling to put together an Easter basket, Rachel was asking Robert about eggs.

Apparently people dye eggs on Easter.  Duh!

And you know, it's pretty fun to dye eggs.  At first we played it safe, dunking half in one color, the other half in another color.  But towards the end we were taping them, writing on them with wax and dousing them in salt.  Thankfully our house is still standing after some of the crazier things we did to the eggs.  

Thanks to Rachel, we celebrated another delightful holiday we would have normally missed.

And while she was at school today, we ate some of her candy too.  Shhh!

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