Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Robert wins the Elmer "Carp" Carpenter Award

Last night, Robert was presented with the Elmer "Carp" Carpenter Award!

From left: our wonderful friend, Lane, who gave a beautiful speech (email me if you are interested in hearing it), Robert holding his plaque, the always-fantastic Debbie, who also nominated Robert, and Art, who Robert affectionally calls the Godfather of KIAAA and NIAAA.  

And here is Rachel, me, Robert, Lane and Art at the dinner before the awards ceremony.  

It made me exceptionally happy to see just how much Robert is respected and appreciated.  And really, it was very touching to see so many people recognized for their outstanding efforts in the world of high school athletics.  It certainly takes a lot of people to make athletics happen, and not only that, a lot of dedication, humor and teamwork.  It was a very inspirational evening. 

Congratulations Robert!

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