Monday, September 5, 2016

biggest cardboard maze ever

We are getting very close to moving back in!  We might even be living there by the first of October. There is still a lot to do, but all we need are two bedrooms and a potty, so it's looking good.  While I was working Saturday, Rachel and Robert cleaned up the front yard and seeded it.  And yesterday I jumped in and the three of us got the backyard cleaned up and ready for seed.  I don't have any pictures because it went from a scary, messy mud pit to a very tidy and naked mud pit, and mud pits just aren't attractive.  We did pick up about 10 trash cans full of gravel, construction debris and hundreds of nails.  Our hope is that we can get some grass growing so that our dogs don't turn the house into a mud pit.  

And if the grass doesn't come up in time?  No worries!  I will just channel my six-year-old self and make the biggest cardboard maze ever.  Can you imagine two golden retrievers and three humans living in a cardboard maze?  

Currently, tile is going in!  This is one of the upstairs bathrooms.

Electricity things are happening (aka lights! audio! outlets!)

And our built-ins and kitchen cabinets are coming together.  We stopped by the warehouse to talk about stain and I snuck this picture of the built-in window seat that will go in my craft room, which is sitting on top of a bathroom vanity:

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