Thursday, September 22, 2016

a little sad underneath all the happy

My brother, Scott, flew back to Tucson this morning, and I am so sad.

I'm not complaining.  I've had visits from two of my brothers in less than a month so I am extremely grateful and happy.  I'm just a little sad underneath the happy. One of my greatest wishes is to stuff all my loved ones into a snow globe and never let them leave.  

I'm sure they are very happy that I cannot do this.  

Scott and I had a ridiculously good time.  We biked, ate donuts, climbed a wizened and lovable tree, hiked, and played lotsa games - even Quiddler. Sucker!

Pops & Scott

Scott was worried I was going to drag him on a long and brutal bike ride.  I immediately dispelled his fears by taking a quick donut detour off the bike path.  

This grasshopper flew into me and hung on for awhile, gaining my love and affection... Until Scott pointed out that the little shit cutesy wootsy grasshopper was eating my pants (look closely).  

My delight at finding snakes, especially ringnecks, has only ever been completely understood by Scott. We also came across a garter snake who was very grouchy and wanted to eat us, so he doesn't get a spot on the blog.

Scott found two snake skins, one of which still had the eye holes!

I cannot take credit for this next one.  This is all Scott.  

But this little guy peeking into (eating?) a mushroom was all me.  

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  1. Wow! Great photos!! And you saw more wildlife than I saw all summer!