Sunday, September 18, 2016

all sorts of craziness

We are moving back to the remodel in less than two weeks!

It's going to be a little crazy, but we've found a renter for the house we're in, and it's a good time to move back over - the floors will done soon, we will have lights, it's fall so the weather is darn near perfect, and quite honestly we're ready to nest and are looking forward to being fully immersed in the completion of the house. 

Here is a picture of the steps going in:

Oh, and my brother, Scott, is in town!  Like, right now!  We had a great weekend hanging out with our dad, going to flea markets and hiking in thunderstorms.  

Ha Ha Tonka State Park was, as usual, stunning:

And this was Scott at the spider-infested walk at Bennett Springs:

We couldn't take two steps without walking into a spiderweb.  They were everywhere.  More than I've ever seen on any hike, and probably the equivalent of a year's worth of hikes.

We found a few treasures at the flea markets, including this:

And it still has the handle!

I have another printers tray that Robert gave me a few years ago, and when I took it down before the remodel it was very full, so it's definitely time for another one.  It's probably going to take me years to fill it up, but I'm looking forward it.  For now they're both in storage, but not for long!

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