Friday, January 16, 2015

Monica & David

There is so much love packed into this short film! And it is dispersed unabashedly. I give nothing but applause and praise to the parents of both Monica and David for raising two gentle, loving souls and offering their love to the world through this film.

While it is very special to watch two people with Down Syndrome get married and share the first year of their lives together, it is even more thrilling to watch not only Monica and David, but also their parents, share a kind of loud and physical love that overwhelms our culture and isn’t normally displayed.

I am also delighted by the honesty that Monica and David share with each other. They have their tiffs – the right way to put clothes into the dryer and how the bed should be made – but the tiffs are honest, mild and almost always end with David pulling Monica in close and covering her in affection while briefly touching upon a resolution or forgetting the tiff altogether. Even Monica’s mom, Maria Elena, is quite frank, at one moment breaking my heart open after openly admitting that there may be harm in her protectiveness.

I was deeply touched by this film and it has certainly inspired me to love my family and friends with the same kind of unabashedly affectionate love that is shared among Monica, David and their family.

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  1. I thought the movie was interesting. I looked at it differently. They need to get a job, live independently, and get out from under their parent's influence. There are folks with Down Syndrome that are working and in relationships. These kids are babies, one of which comes from a very wealthy family that can shield her from the real world.