Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Carting Around Beasts

Rose and Ella are no longer spring chickens.  They are nearing the senior discount age, and someday, perhaps sooner than later, they will need to learn how to drive so that they do not have to walk everywhere they go.  

Unfortunately, they have no desire to learn how to drive.  So, Robert and I have been asking ourselves, What's the next best thing?  And we are tentatively deciding on a luxury taxi.  This past holiday season Robert and I got a chance to try out the luxury taxi idea after we test drove one that we gave to Robert's grandma, Carolyne.  While Carolyne is not going to use hers to cart around beasts, she was happy to let me take Ella for a ride.  

For the majority of the ride Ella blew air through her massive jowls in an attempt to curse so I think it's settled.  We're getting them a luxury taxi!


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  2. Words almost fail me....

    Are you walking the girls and when they get tired they get a ride? How do you decide which one goes first, seniority rules?

    Also how did Robert's grandmother fit into her luxury taxi? Wouldn't her little feet drag the ground? And who would pull her around the neighborhood? I sure as hell wouldn't do that to my grandma, if she was alive or my mother either. I definitely see a reality show in your future.

  3. Robert's grandma is not being carted around the neighborhood. . . Yet! Muahahaha. And yes, the cart will be for tired hips and paws. They can walk as long as they are able to and then be hefted (gently) into the luxury taxi until rested. Rose has seniority.