Friday, August 27, 2010

lyric puzzle

music can say things better than I can.

Sia: Breathe Me. There are times when I am really hard on myself; we all are. For me this song is about beating up the jerk inside. What she says feels like me talking to me. This song is a pinch, a reminder to not be so negative towards myself.

Rod Mckuen: Pushing the Clouds Away. This is my motto, in a song poem. It’s another reminder, this time reminding me to reach out to those I love, to not be so darn aloof and let others know that I need them. And I do, but it’s hard sometimes to admit that. I can be an old cranky fart, and this poem is such a beautiful way to push me past my loner shell.

John Mayer: Clarity. This song is really personal to me. I have this way of twisting songs around to where they fit me, even if it’s the furthest from the actual truth. And even though I think he’s probably talking about a relationship in this song my interpretation slightly differs. It’s about when to let go and when to hang on. Interestingly enough the month of June is mentioned here. I have an unexplainable connection with people born in that month. Always have. So yes, sometimes for me this song can be about relationships. But this song always changes depending on what I’m struggling with at the moment.

Sinéad O'Connor: Red Footbal. Just proves that there are better ways to flip people off. A song with a scowl.

M.I.A.: Banana Skit. I just had to do this mom. I knew you'd love it : ) No seriously for those who have a name that rhymes with 'banana' this is your song. This is for the people who have suddenly found themselves labeled fruit because it's cute. Ha! And even though I still get people who call me hannah banana I completely understand why. Because 'banana' is a fun word.

Louis Armstrong: Mack the Knife. I have always loved this song, even when I didn't understand what it meant. It was something about the crispy sound mack makes combined with the silent k of knife.


  1. This makes me think of you...I hated outcast singing it but slow i was like is that the same song? and when i hear it i think of u idk if u ever heard it but this is for you Hanna :D

    dam you tube window wouldn't pop up but listen :p

  2. that version cracks me up, it's like why didn't we start with this? and the outkast version is so annoying.

  3. I just noticed your map - awesome!!!! Did you notice the poem at the bottom of mine? Hmmm