Thursday, August 12, 2010

another whoosh of genres


Because I can.

: )

lata mangeshkar. She is just fabulous. When she sings I feel like I am soaring. The fluidity of her voice grabs me.

kiri te kanawa. I feel completely open when I listen to her. Free.

cat power. I love how her voice is hollow, how she makes it easy for a listener to climb inside her words.

katy perry. I was not a fan of Katy Perry until I watched this. After watching this I can honestly say that I really enjoy her when she is unplugged (that's probably not the best way to say that). She's quirky and raw, and there's something incredible about that mixture.

dinah washington. Heard this on SYTYCD, and haven't let go of it since.


  1. It shows an order of how music has gone down the tube. Classic timeless to slutty and stupid. There are a way of saying what a toad you exboyfriend is without stooping to dribble.

    lata mangeshkar - classic timeless
    kiri te kanawa - I can take her in doses like chocoate dark bitter chocolate.
    dinah washington - no one can say a thing bad about her.

    Katy Perry is a slap.
    cat power the voice is smooth