Thursday, August 5, 2010

froyo and flips

So things are looking up (for those of you who knew the opposite). It's tough to let go of the things I have no control over, especially since I put them in a pocket that does not contain God. Why add the burden?

Tonight I babysat for a friend, and I must say that these two kiddos are my favorites. They are the perfect combination of silly and philosophical. Tonight we ate froyo at a new place in town, a self serve froyo heaven with at least 10 different flavors and about a million toppings. And naturally, after a person eats several pounds of froyo, they should jump around on the trampoline like a madman, which is exactly what we did. After about a million cherry bombs their dad came home early, but we stayed out there a little longer.

I cannot express in words just how much I love trampolines, and these kids, after several pounds of froyo, were a hoot and a half, the perfect trampoline partners.

I wish I could still do flips. I admit it. I'm jealous. These kids do some stellar flips. Did I mention I broke my nose once during a back flip on a trampoline? Yes, it's been many years, but I haven't been able to pull one off, not even a front flip, since that day. I think if I had my own personal trampoline I could learn how to do a flip again in the privacy of my own home *hint hint nudge nudge*.

But now I'm home, and the house is dark and all I can hear is the chug chug of the fan and I think I'm going to make a cup of tea and tuck into a book.

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