Friday, March 19, 2010

my favorite day from the trip, straight from the journal

3/25/10 Today's Loves:

* The run across Chain Of Rocks Bridge with with girls. It was magical and they stayed with me the whole time, no leash!
* I went right up to a group of deaf folks and started signing with them. No way! Yes way!
* Ted Drewes
* H&M and Anthropologie. I SUPER HEART Anthropologie! And I just now found out there's one in KC.
* The January Sun interview, even though it scared the hell out of me.
* Talking to mom, briefly.
* OMG how can I forget the budweiser postcards.
* April's Country Living and Lucky & Mary Oliver's "Pilot Snake" from West Wind.
* We're at a walmart outside of St. Louis for the night and I feel comfy and super tired. Bring on the sleep!

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