Thursday, March 18, 2010

beyond the sky

Just got back from a mini vacation, 3 days hiyah! We went over to St. Louis, ate a little Ted Drewes, visited the beer factory (Josh hates that I call it that), meandered through Route 66 State Park, sipped a little wine and juice at St. James (fell in love with the sparkling peach...juice), and goofed around in springfield on St. Drinkuntilyou'renumb Day. And now we are home, and the RV is only a little unpacked, but we filled the day with napping, and building a bookshelf (Robert did anyways), and eating Wheat State pizza while watching the first KU game of the NCAA tournament (they won btw). And I just had an oil bath, complete with bubbles and tea and candles.

During the trip I listened to a lot of this:

And read a lot of this:

I bought this: Lollia Hand Creme

And stumbled upon: a restaurant I used to eat at with Dad and Scott. It's still a hopping place, full of smoke, gravely voices and lovely memories. I bought dad an ashtray with the name at the bottom. Kind of ironic since he ended up in the hospital this morning. His hernia of course, but they cannot operate because his lungs are terrible. I'm positive, but I'm a little scared beneath the surface.

Route 66 State Park:

I also discovered the lavender version of my H&M purse at the Plato's Closet in Springfield. It's pretty spectacular, but I'm too lazy to take a picture. Hopefully it lasts forever.

Oh and did I mention we had another blowout?

The bookshelf (from Costco and complete with lights; LOL at the unfinished wall - very trailer park chic):

And here it is filled (the left side is for poetry, the right side, for the books I haven't read; And the foo foo at the top will be changed):

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