Monday, July 17, 2017

waterlogged with happiness

Rachel, Robert, the dogs, and I just returned from a fabulous mini trip that included floating down the Niangua river and visiting with my Dad and his girlfriend, Lisa. 

Naturally we did a little thrift shopping, where I found treasure - a stamp set with both the words of animals and the animals themselves. It's missing a few pieces, but is so perfect for journaling.

Rose and Ella were sorta accepted by two of Dad and Lisa's four cats:

Everyone got their cat fix (and then some). It's pretty obvious Jake (cat) only has eyes for Lisa.

There was so much peace to be found on the river, and we're just plum waterlogged with happiness:

On the way home Rachel conked out, but Ella was happy to provide a soft place to land:

Because we used a disposable water camera, the bulk of our pictures still need to be developed.  So here's to good-ol'-fashioned waiting for pictures.  If there are any keepers I will share them with you as soon they're developed!

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  1. I have a cat who's as trusting as Jake, but only one out of my three will lie like that.