Saturday, August 20, 2016

knotty splendor

Folks, we have floors!  And gorgeous ones at that! They haven't been finished yet, but they're darn near perfect even without the pop and shine.  I counted about 50 favorite planks that stood out in their grain variations and knotty splendor, and am thrilled that a handful of these will not be covered by all our built-ins (definitely a first world problem).  I can definitely see myself naming my favorite planks and wearing them to creakiness with my adoration.

Here they are being laid out:

And presto:

This is our master bedroom:

And my office, which is my favorite room of course:


  1. Wow!! Very nice! What is it? Where did you find it? We've been thinking of doing something similar with the Albuquerque hovel, but haven't seen anything as nice as this.

    1. Thanks! It's called Sappy Ipe, which is a Brazilian walnut. I'm not sure where we found it though. I do know that it took us less than 5 minutes to pick it out because they had it on display, and we zeroed in on it : ).