Friday, February 6, 2015

what the funk

Today I woke up, ate some amazing pancakes courtesy of Robert while watching Star Trek (we’re almost finished with season one… And I’m enjoying it) and then did the book swap thing, which just means that I sold some books and then turned around and bought almost as many.  I came home and hammered out several submissions and set about tackling my two major chores for the day: vacuuming/mopping the floors and brushing the dogs.  While I was vacuuming I started to feel nauseous and very unsettled, but I chalked it up to not having lunch and ate an apple.  I plowed through all the chores and settled on the couch to tackle a bit of embroidery.  I was so unsettled, headachy and nauseous I couldn’t focus so I gave up and tried to watch a program on tv. 

Halfway through the program it dawned on me what my problem is: I am in a funk. 

What what?

I can’t believe it took most of the day to figure out that I am in a funk.  Usually when I’m in a funk I take a nap that lasts roughly 16 or more hours until it is over or I get whiny and morose and eat a lot of cookies and then get very angry that I ate a lot of cookies.  Somehow I managed to clean and sew and be productive and not negatively affect anyone during the funk.  I think it’s been so long since I’ve been in a funk that I just flat out didn’t recognize it in time. 

So after a brief and lackluster round of applause I am going to sleep until tomorrow.

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