Friday, October 17, 2014

like a damn lightbulb

It has been a busy couple of weeks.

I discovered I have a tear in my left knee (totally annoyingly vague, yes I know!), which is really only my second sports injury in 14 years of playing sports, which is just shy of amazing because I have always put 100% of myself into all endeavors, not just sports but everything.  I am hopeful that I will have more answers soon and I can tell you now that I am on the path to recovery because I don't have any time for that doubt malarkey.  I am going to take advantage of the healing time and go to a few poetry readings and cram in extra writing.

I also met Wyatt Townley, the Kansas Poet Laureate.  She did a reading/discussion for the poetry workshop that I facilitate at the library I work for.  Did I tell you that I facilitate a poetry workshop?  I do! And it has been a success!  Wyatt Townley's visit was my way of celebrating a year of successful workshopping.  The poets in my workshop have grown into a cohesive, hard-working and inspirational group.  Wyatt Townley was wise and gentle with poems that blazed quietly.  It was a motivational evening.

My mom flew in a couple days later, and we spent several days packing up my grandmother's house at the lake.  Even though it wasn't the house I lived in as a child, I spent most of my time there and it became a permanent part of who I am. Ask me to share my poems and essays that I have written about it the next time you see me.  And after sorting through memories with my mom, I have so much more to say.

In-between all the packing and sorting we ate lots of good food, visited a few bookstores, and even went to a beer tasting at a library (Not mine of course.  We are cool, yes, but not that cool).

Tea from Blue Koi

Salad from Beer Kitchen (which is my new favorite place and I haven't even tried the beer)

My brother, Rusty aka James, flew in to help with the packing and we had an excellent conversation with my dad.  It was one of those conversations that lit me up from the inside out and I have been walking around like a damn lightbulb, giggling at remembered pieces of the conversation.

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