Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Big Little Life

Whether or not you have a dog you will immediately feel welcome in Dean Koontz’s memoir about Trixie, his golden retriever. 

Trixie is not just a cuddly retired service pooch who can issue a “sotto voce woof.”  She is a genuine angel with a soft spot for lounging on rafts (“I’m moving through water!  Without swimming!  Brilliant!”), the word ‘nachos’ and pranks galore (including the bucket-bottom move).

Before you have a chance to jump into this book, it will leap into you.   

Favorite quote?

“This may be the primary purpose of dogs: to restore our sense of wonder and to help us maintain it, to make us consider that we should trust our intuition as they trust theirs, and to help us realize that a thing known intuitively can be as real as anything known by material experience.”

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