Friday, September 5, 2014

The Unsolved Mysteries Pertaining to the Evidence of the Afterlife

While doing some official library business in the stacks yesterday, I had such a strange encounter that I am still stupefied by it.

I was hanging out in the 330's of Nonfiction.  Behind me were the early 300's, and two full rows away were the 100's.  As I was standing there a book hit my shoulder from behind me and fell to the floor.

This was the book:

The rational explanation is that somehow my feet created enough vibration to knock it from the shelf behind me, where it clearly didn't belong (it belongs in the 100's) and may have been misshelved by a patron.  And it happened to fall just where I was standing.

But the rational explanation is so far fetched it leaves me quite puzzled and full of questions for the book. 


1.  How did you travel over 100 numbers past your correct spot? 
2.  How did you happen to be at just the right height to fall on me?
3.  And how did my slipper-like flats on a carpeted floor create enough movement to make you fall?


  1. Wait I do have a comment... Someone is trying to tell you something. You just need to reexamine your belief that when people die they die. I believe things happen for a reason. A lot of things go on that people fail to notice or they try to explain it away.

    I have learned not to discuss the really weird and only laugh about the laughable. But when you car keys go from counter to garage floor it WILL make you scratch your head. Especially when another person watches you set the keys on the the counter.