Friday, September 2, 2011

Since we last talked. . .

Robert and I have begun the process of relocating our kitchen to the back of the house. The current kitchen is just too small, and its location is rather sucky.

I am still working at the library. And the non-profit – we educate people (mostly young folks) about organ donation, in addition to mentoring people (transplant families, recipients, people on the waiting list). I have been looking for a full time position at the library. It’s no secret, and it has been a long but interesting and educational process. Yes, Robert and I are still completely devoted to the idea of working on the road and traveling full time. We have been applying for jobs in that area as well. So why relocate the kitchen? Because it needs to be done. And we’re going to keep living while we’re stuck here in the great toilet of Kansas City.

Mostly we’ve been doing a lot of dreaming and waiting, which provides plenty of room to dream. I know that no matter where I am as long as there is a library I am home.

And probably the most exciting, amazing thing that has happened to me since we’ve last talked is. . . MEETING MY BROTHER JASON!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. And we finally met in July.

He is an amazing individual. A gentle, goofy brilliant soul. And also he has the cutest dog on the planet (sorry Rose and Ella).

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