Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perfect Dance Partners

At the library the other day I was pushing a cart of books to the stacks when a lady asked for help. I abandoned the cart and helped her. As I returned to the cart I noticed an 80 something year old lady thumbing through the books. I waited patiently, but after a second she noticed me and said, "Oh you need to shelve these." Before I could tell her, "no problem," she reached out and patted my butt and told me to get back to work.


Yesterday I had training at another library, and as I approached the building a mentally challenged (but only in some ways - I despise our characterizations of special individuals) young man (about my age) started singing "pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl," and as he sang it was apparent that he initially said what came to mind, but as the two words slipped from his mouth he realized how much fun they were to say. His caregiver looked towards the ground with a red face, but I grew inside. I understand those feelings. To want to blurt a sudden thought, and to taste a word more than once, but unlike this man, I am usually imprisoned by fear of embarrassment. I smiled at him before entering the building, and wondered why I hadn't said thank you.

Later I realized I didn't want to interrupt him.

In a few days there will be something very special on Waldo the Line Tamer , but because it is so special to me, I am going to claim it first.

With His Stability and Her Agility, They Were Perfect Dance Partners:

Why does this mean so much to me? Because it describes Robert and I so perfectly.

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