Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zing Zang Zoo

This may confuse the h*** out of you. Clusterf*** of genres woot!

Skillet. I paint and spit poems to this and I plan on jogging to it too.

G-Clefs. As much as I wanted to throw the flamingos up here too I decided that it may be too much. I like to have this stuff as close to my ears as possible. Lovely harmonious fluff.

Ludovico Einaudi. I still do not know where I heard this. But I know that it brought me to my knees and punched holes in my guts.

3 Days Grace. A song I listen to with my fists.

Emerson and Waldron. If my ribs could speak to you they would speak in banjo. They might sing you a little bit of Peter, Paul and Mary, but the banjo would push all that out of the way.

Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks. It's never the wrong time of year to listen to this song. I listen to it every time I feel lonely. It feels like he's carving a mountain into song.

I'll save Pretty Boy Swag for another day ; )


  1. I wish I had faster internet so I could listen.

  2. Ok skillet and 3 days grace I cant believe you listen too wow. We need to compare songs on some other bands I listen too. Believe it or not skillet was a christian hard rock band google it you will see.

  3. Mom absolutely does not appreciate Skillet and 3 Days Grace. Fox On The Run - absolute oldie but a goodie. Of course I love doo wop