Wednesday, July 21, 2010


While I was at the gym I heard a Jason Mraz song. Yes, at the gym. It's usually a big giant whoosh of Hannah Montana and eighties crap and then today bam, Jason Mraz. And it wasn’t a fast song, or a loud song but I found myself cranking up the speed on the treadmill and running faster. I really should start taking my ipod to the gym with me. Unfortunately I really enjoy bantering with the folks next to me, the 87 year old gentlemen who occasionally outruns me and the lady who carefully lines the cup holders with napkins and then fills them with delicious crackers, cheese and chocolates. I would miss them. I can only hope that Jason Mraz magically appears again.

I have been tutoring a friend’s ten year old daughter in math, and today I was greeted with a beautiful salad. This may sound like a small thing, but this lady, who is a hair stylist and works from her home salon, took 30 minutes out of her day to make a salad and sit down with us before her next client arrived. From what I understand it was a rare moment for her. Usually she eats standing up.

In addition to the salad I also tried gruyere for the first time, and it was phenomenal. I plan on melting it into an egg substitute with a handful of arugula and mushrooms thrown on top for a future breakfast. I’m not sure I can do that though. We’ll see.

Speaking of delicious food Robert surprised me this evening with a mostly sugar-free treat. I first must admit that I am hopelessly addicted to pudding. If it weren’t for pudding and cheese I would have an easier time giving up dairy. Anyways there were three components to this dish – a layer of crumbled graham cracker, cheesecake pudding and on the very top a tiny sprinkle of sugar (the part that wasn’t sugar-free) that he torched. I don’t know the fancy term for that. It was pretty phenomenal.

You can say I’ve had a good food day : )

I am also getting closer to finding the perfect color for my craft room (I am not painting the shelves pink mom). I am thinking of a light grey. I am thrilled by the melody of salmon, yellow and grey. I had a dream about a salmon colored bookcase and of course when I reached to touch it my hands disappeared. Hmm is that my mother exclaiming in horror?

On an entirely different note Robert was singing to Rose yesterday and I decided to try a little experiment. As you know Robert is fond of singing to the girls, mostly songs he learned in church when he was younger, but occasionally he throws in the 12 days of redneck Christmas every now and then. The dogs love it. Rose is a big fan. If Robert starts singing at one end of the house she abandons whatever she is doing and finds him. As you know, I do not sing to them. Yesterday, we were all piled on the couch and Robert started singing to Rose. She immediately started the usual tail wagging and out of curiosity I told Robert to stop so I could sing to her. I sang a hymn and she barely flinched. No happy tail whatsoever. Heartbroken I told her she was a good dog. Nothing. I told her she was a lovely creature. Nothing. Exasperated I said I love you AND SHE WAGGED HER TAIL!


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