Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Wow sometimes I just have to laugh at the calendar. I have a final tomorrow, and both a final and a paper due Friday. PLUS I'm PMSing. Wow, thank you o divine calendar.

I met with several people today about pursuing my MFA. I already knew I was too late to start in the fall, but my current teacher just so happens to be the teacher of the poetry workshop that starts in the fall, and he said he'd be happy to have me in the class (a big damn deal). So I'm beginning the program before I'm admitted. But it sounds like they'll let me in. There are two poets in charge of the poetry applicants, and those two poets heart me (or my poetry anyways). It's a tough program to get into. Less than a third of the applicants make it in, but I'll have a year now to get close and personal with the teachers and work on my portfolio. And I'll be able to get a decent job while I wait.

I also might just say fuck it and take off RVing full time. I'm ready to jump onto whatever moving train comes by first. Until then I will write and explore and examine everything down to its microscopic fibers.

I also need to study and write this paper apparently. And plan the Kentucky trip, help R search for an RV, set up my dad's Etsy, and think about the July trip.

Oh and I have about 5 additional projects/finals left after this week.

So I'll be busy.

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  1. shit, I need a nap. Between trying to get on your blog and this post I am worn out.

    I am so freaking proud of you even if you say fuck it and run away in an RV. You can write about your travels and sell them.

    Love you