Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yesterday, long long day

For my current ASL class we have a final project that involves volunteering. I spent the morning with a girl scout troop and a few quirky volunteers : ). There were multiple activities for the girls to do, and two of the activities were led by deaf volunteers. Nobody can tell a better story than a deaf person. Seriously. It's poetry in motion.

Thanks to today's volunteering opportunity I now have a few more opportunities to wiggle my way into the deaf community and I am excited.

When no one was looking I snapped a picture of a girl scout's artwork.

Before babysitting I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up some extraordinary vegan blueberry muffins.

And of course I played a little ball with my yellow whir of sunshine.

Usually after I put the kids to sleep I find a soft spot to curl up and then I patiently wait for the furry creatures. It doesn't matter who I babysit for, there is always a warm and furry soul who is ready for some cuddle time. Last night I babysat for my two favorite kiddos. Not only do they have a trampoline and air hockey, they also have George, a very fat cat. I do not have a purse that is big enough to sneak him home in : (

Well, after the kids were tucked in I found my cozy spot and Buddy, their obnoxious black lab mix snuggled in close. It didn't take long for George to climb up too. We were almost asleep when we heard the pitter patter of little feet. The littlest couldn't sleep and after a little pleading I told her she could stay up for another 15 minutes. She left the room to get a puzzle I assumed, but no, she came back with my purse. I'm not sure what the fascination is with purses, but I always babysit prepared to have my purse ransacked. This little girlio had already gone through my purse earlier so I was quite curious why she was lugging it around again. But she dug through it and found my camera and asked how to use it and walla, a picture of George and I, and if you look closely, Buddy too.


  1. You need a cat.

    I thought this was going to be a list blog. I was all prepared to create list of things I am grateful for, things I saw today that made me smile, or what I saw that reminded me of flowers...... hmmmm that would be a good blog.

  2. Okay I have a list. Five reasons why Hannah and Robert need a cat.

    5.) Rose needs to mother something and Ella needs something to ignore.

    4.) It is so much fun looking for a small kitty in a small house.

    3.) Cat attacks in the middle of the night!

    2.) Rose REALLY needs something to mother.

    1.) There is nothing more wonderful than being ignored by your cat except for when it wants attention.

  3. If Rose needs someone to mother, I've just the 'someone', and there are perks!

    1. They've met before.

    2. She already knows how to deal with him.

    3. Everything she taught him wore off a week later.

    4. He's driving us crazy.

    5. She would ALWAYS be employed.

    6. Ella's aggravation would keep her heart moving at a pretty pace, and therefore she would be healthier. No other exercise needed.

    7. We would have to see each other in order to hand him over.

    I'd go on, but I have to take him out to terrorize the lakefront.

  4. Oh Robin you couldn't give up your Meander. But Rose would love to have another pair of ears to lick, and Ella really adored him : ) It's a shame we live so far away from each other.